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Mark Woolston
Small spice cabinet
pice cabinets are my great passion. They combine my love of cabinets, boxes, drawers and the act of discovery with my love of food and cooking.

This walnut spice cabinet is designed with a small footprint so it can sit comfortably on a kitchen bench. I made it for my step-son and friend Tony for a significant birthday.


ommissions provide a designer with interesting and usually inspiring challenges. This commission was for a home for the client's treasures. These include a wonderful collection of Chinese snuff bottles and two art deco figurines. The piece merges elements of art deco design with references to Chinese furniture. An open but still solid looking base supports the figurines and the more minimalist and delicate tower provides a home for the small and delicate snuff bottles.


his wall-hanging cabinet is designed to house 50 B5 sized cards and to display any 2 of them. This was commissioned by a friend for his wife's 50th birthday. The couple are both internationally-renowned artists and have many friends that work in the arts around the world. The client wrote to their friends requesting they use their artistic skills to create a B5 sized work that reflected their particular medium. The result was an impressive collection of prints, fabric, paper and many other forms.

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