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© 2006
Mark Woolston

close friend of mine has recently turned 50. To spice up his latter years I created this spice box with fifty compartments each holding a different whole spice.



Box for fan #2
Specific to its special content, this fan box was created to house a fan given to the printmaker Jörg Schmeisser by a Chinese printmaker whom Jorg visited and held in high esteem.

The Ebony case reflects the structure of the fan in its coppered top, its slatted sides and the nine pivoted Huon Pine segments that form the lid. The segments rotate to close the box, each segment stopping in turn at a precise step in the coppered top.

The sound created by closing the box is redolent of a fan being snapped shut.

Box for fan #1

urpleheart and maple provide the colour contrast in this lidded box for a closed fan.

Galileo's boxes

lighthearted look at gravity and structure. The three pods are called Intention, Problem and Resolution.

Rood box

ood boxes have a double-layer perforated top that acts as a screen allowing the scents from within the box (usually aromatic spices) to beckon and tantalise.

These are just a few of my boxes. More to come!

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