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© 2006
Mark Woolston

This walled-mounted box is home for a hand-painted fan that is simple in construction but very special in its history.

The box reflects the look, feel, sound and, I hope, spirit of the fan.

The sides of the ebony box (not visible in these photos) are constructed from interleaved slats pivoted at the base of the box - in imitation of the bamboo slats of the fan.

Nine slats of houn pine hang from this same pivot point like the tail of a kite. To close the box, these are grasped by one hand and rotated counter-clockwise. As they are moved across the face of the box, the slats are stopped one-by-one by a series of small steps. They are then held in the closed position by hidden magnets. The movement is reversed to open the box. The feel and sound of this mechanism are reminiscent of opening and closing the fan itself.

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