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© 2006
Mark Woolston
Box for fan #2

Sixteen flat elements are shaped and half-housed to create a lattice bowl whose inside and outside faces form a section of a sphere.

There are eight different shapes (each used twice). Each shape requires a precise inside and outside radius as well as carefully positioned slots for assembly.

The only realistic means of creating these accurately and repeatably was to create a pattern for laser-cutting. The material is 3.2mm hard-rock maple (Acer saccharum).

Rood box

nce the laser cutting of the wood components was resolved, the technique could be applied to other materials.

This is the same design in fluorescent green acrylic (perspex).


Box for fan #2

Shanging the laser-cut pattern to a spiral, this bowl in red acrylic casts superb shadows. The legs are individual rods of clear acrylic - positioned on 3 radials at 120°. Each leg is a different height based on the rise of the spiral.

Legs are secured with a white nylon screw.

Box for fan #1

Phe same spiral in green acrylic rests on 3 legs made from red sheet acrylic with supporting steps at heights based on the rise of the spiral. In this case the spiral is glued to the leg sections.

All these acrylics are somewhat fluorescent so their colour (and the colour of their shadows) changes during the day. And surprisingly so does the form because the edges are sometimes much brighter than the faces and at other times much darker.

Galileo's boxes

longating the spiral into an oval provides a more sophisticated resolution. This bowl is in blue-violet acrylic with clear rod legs. This design has proved very popular and is also the most functional.

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