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© 2006
Mark Woolston

Small Spice Cabinet

I've long been planning to create a series of boxes and cabinets that show a dark, rich grain on the outside and then open up to reveal a light shining interior. This project is a first step towards that idea. The box is made from beautifully figured fiddleback blackwood finished with nitrocellulose lacquer. The interior is straight-grained huon pine sanded fine and otherwise left unfinished.

I wanted to create a box with fifty compartents to celebrate a good friend attaining the same number in years. The contents were to be fifty different spices. It's a sort of extravagant sampler for occasions when you might need a touch of inspiration.

The dividers are connected with half-housing joints. The 'fillets' that form the outside of the compartments are mitred in the corners. The dividers are flush with the bottom of the sliding lid creating a seal to help keep the spices fresh.

In Australian blackwood

Below is the legend that accompanied the gift.

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