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© 2006
Mark Woolston

Small Spice Cabinet

This fruit bowl is made from a lattice of laser-cut sections of hard-rock (sugar) maple. The sections are joined at 90° (when viewed from above) using half-housing joints. As the sections are cut square to their faces, the resulting form is stepped rather than following the contour of a sphere. The bowl was therefore hand-shaped after assembly to achieve a smooth inner and outer 'surface'. The outer surface was first shaped on a large disk-sander. The inner surface was shaped using a sanding pad held in a rotary drill. Both surfaces were fine-finished by hand sanding - using a curved block in the case of the inner surface.

One side of each section was painted black before assembly. (Only the black faces are shown in these photos). This allows the bowl to be rotated to achieve different visual effects.

The following image shows a rough 3D rendering of the bowl before it was made - contrasted with an image of the completed bowl viewed from the same angle.

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