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© 2006
Mark Woolston

Small Spice Cabinet

The oval-shaped blue-violet bowl is of heavier gauge acrylic than the other bowls and feels more substantial in the hand. The laser cutter blows a stream of CO2 around the laser beam to quell combustion and to cool the material as it is cut. We lowered the flow rate of CO2 to allow the cut edges to fuse into a glassy smooth finish.

The bowl works well with any fruit as long as it isn't allowed to go too soft in the bowl. Lemons look great for obvious reasons.

The following detail shows the nylon screw that secures each leg. It is countersunk into the spiral and screws into a tapped hole in the top of each cylindrical leg. Note the substantial refraction of the screw viewed in the leg and the effect this refraction has on the shadows seen through the leg.

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